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Electronic Belt Scales


Electronic belt scale

The electronic belt weigher adopts the full suspension weighing bridge, digital signal transmission and processing technology, and the dynamic cumulative error is less than ± 0.125%. It is applicable to the internal and external settlement of enterprises, or other occasions with high requirements for the accuracy of the balance weight.

System composition:

The electronic belt scale consists of four parts: ICS-14 weighing bridge, weighing sensor, 60-12C speed sensor and speed measuring roller, imported digital converter or 2001 weighing control instrument.

The belt scale can be installed in the situation of variable angle after adding the tilt compensator.

working principle:

The weighing bridge is installed on the conveyor frame. When the material passes by, the measuring idler detects that the weight of the material on the belt conveyor acts on the weighing sensor through the lever, and generates a voltage signal proportional to the belt load. The speed sensor is directly connected to the large-diameter speed measuring cylinder and provides a series of pulses. Each pulse represents a belt movement unit. The frequency of the pulse is proportional to the belt speed. The weighing instrument receives signals from the weighing sensor and the speed sensor, obtains an instantaneous flow value and a cumulative weight value through integral calculation, and displays them respectively.

Structural characteristics:

◆ Full-suspended structure, no trunnion fulcrum and movable parts, small maintenance;

◆ Unit component structure, less force transmission links, simple and convenient installation;

◆ Unique rectangular lever with good rigidity, invisible change and zero point stability;

◆ Resistance to lateral force and horizontal force, effectively reducing the impact of belt deviation and blanking deviation on system accuracy;

◆ Four load cells, which are less affected by partial load, stable and high measuring accuracy;

◆ The weighing area is wide, and three or four groups of idlers have the least impact on the belt weighing accuracy;

◆ For special occasions with large dust and corrosive acid, alkali, salt, etc., the scale frame is made of stainless steel or subject to anti-corrosion treatment.

◆ Transmission lever: bar frame type; Trunnion fulcrum: none

Main components:

◆ Load cell: 4

◆ Speed sensor: 1

◆ Metering idler (option): 4 groups

◆ Transmission lever: bar frame type

◆ Trunnion fulcrum: none

Weighing bridge:

The weighing bridge is composed of four groups of weighing idlers, fully suspended structure, without trunnion fulcrum and moving parts. The rectangular steel pipe design is adopted. The whole weighing bridge has enough high rigidity and small dead weight, and the surface ash area reaches the minimum. The high-precision strain gauge sensor is installed at the tension part to reduce the non-linear error and ensure the stability of the whole system, with minimal maintenance. There are four pull load cells hanging on the two beams to provide support for the weighing bridge. The weighing bridge is a unit component structure, which can be easily and quickly installed on site, and only needs eight bolts for installation and fixation. (Xuzhou Zhongxing Sanyuan electronic belt scale, pressure weighing coal feeder, quantitative feeder, screw scale, quantitative feeder)

The weighing sensor:

The ICS-14, ICS-17A/B and ICS-20A/B series electronic belt weighers all use pull-type electronic strain type weighing sensors. The main technical indicators are as follows:

◆ Housing: "S" type seal protection

◆ Nonlinear:<0.03% FS

◆ Non repeatability:<0.01% FS

◆ Creep:<0.02% FS

◆ Zero point output: ± 1%

◆ At the maximum flow rate, the displacement of the force application point of the sensor elastomer is not more than 0.2mm

◆ Temperature sensitivity: interval: 0.0008% FS/oF zero point: 0.0015% FS/oF

◆ Hysteresis error: 0.02%

◆ Sensitivity error: ± 0.1%

◆ Overload capacity: 150% of sensor capacity

Speed sensor:

◆ The speed sensor is installed on the tail pulley, the speed pulley or the speed roller, and the speed pulley/roller is installed on the upper surface of the return belt to eliminate the impact of belt slipping. The speed sensor is a digital brushless pulse generator. When the belt is running, the speed sensor sends out a series of speed pulses, each pulse represents a unit length of the belt travel, and the pulse frequency is proportional to the belt speed.

◆ The shell is made of cast aluminum, which can adapt to the outdoor working environment.

◆ The AC pulse generator does not need to adjust or replace the carbon brush.

2001 Weighing control instrument:

Model 2001 (imported chip). Its performance features are as follows: the instrument has the functions of weighing linear compensation, temperature and humidity compensation, power failure maintenance data, automatic calibration, automatic interval adjustment, automatic fault diagnosis, and automatic zero tracking, physical, hanging code, chain code, and electronic calibration.

Main technical parameters:

◆ System accuracy:+/-0.125%

◆ Weighing range: 1~8000t/h

◆ Belt width: 500~2400mm

◆ Belt speed: 0~4m/s

◆ Inclination angle of belt conveyor:<6 '(Special Physics Department/=10')

Operating and installation conditions:

◆ Ambient temperature:

◆ Mechanical: - 20 ℃~+50 ℃

◆ Instrument: 0 ℃~40 ℃

◆ Power supply voltage: 220V (+10%, - 15%) 50Hz ± 2%

Overall dimensions and installation dimensions:

tape width


























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