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Shovel Loader Weighing System


Loader weighing system

Loader electronic scale is a high-tech product, a scientific combination of computer technology and sensor technology, and is widely used in mines, coal, stations, freight yards, factories and other fields. It can be installed on various loaders without changing the original structure of the loader.

Working principle of loader electronic scale: measure the pressure difference at both ends of the lifting pressure cylinder piston of wheel loader, and convert the pressure difference into a weight signal using digital model software; The weighing process is dynamic weighing, that is, weighing in the process of shovel loading and continuous lifting. The position sensor controls the effective value of the signal collected by the pressure sensor, and the industrial bus computer performs data calculation and processing, editing and printing; According to OIMLR51Y (b), the weighing error can be within 1%.

The scale is equipped with 240 × 128 graphic display screen with background light is suitable for night operation or tunnel operation, such as weighing by underground loader of underground coal mine. In addition to displaying the weight and cumulative weight of the material in the tipper, the display screen also displays information related to weighing, such as the name of the company purchasing the material, the number of the truck or train, and the type of material.

The electronic scale displays the real-time time and date, and can set the loading limit of the truck or trailer.

Technical parameters:

Accuracy: single shovel ± (0.5-2%), average ± 1%, reaching the Y (b) accuracy level of OIML.

Display graduation value: 1 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg

Working voltage: 12 ± 30% VDC

Working current: 200mA - 300mA

Operating temperature: ① liquid crystal display - 25 ℃ to 60 ℃ ② fluorescent display - 40 ℃ to 60 ℃

Minimum weight: 200kg

Scale size: 210 × one hundred and seventy × 50mm long × wide × High)

Electronic scale display: clear LCD or fluorescent display (112 × 64mm)

Features and functions:

Microcomputer control, high degree of intelligence

You can input all Chinese characters in Pinyin and print them.

The data is accurate due to the multi-way detection of double oil circuits.

No need to stop the bucket, automatic weighing during lifting, simple operation, without affecting the loading efficiency, can effectively prevent overloading and underloading.

LCD screen and keyboard are equipped with backlight, which is convenient for night operation

The printer can print data such as loading time, cargo name, weight, and car number.

Large-screen LCD or fluorescent display mode can display weighing results, accumulated weight results, information, operators, etc., which is intuitive and convenient.

Automatic voice overload alarm, prompt prompt, simple and direct.

Single shovel weight overload alarm.

With strong anti-interference ability, it can be used in various environments.

Backup battery: When the scale is turned off, the stored data can still be retained

The loader electronic scale meets the functional requirements of the railway department

Cumulative loading weight setting and display, alarm function.

Single bucket weight weighing and cumulative display function

Truck model selection or input function and truck number input function

Operator, loader number and loading station code input function

Operation time (year, month, day, hour, minute) recording function

Job basic data storage, printing function

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