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Electronic hopper scale is an automatic weighing equipment for bulk materials, which has the functions of batch accumulation, total accumulation, overload alarm, power-off memory protection, fault self-diagnosis, etc., and realizes the monitoring of the whole blanking process. The whole process is controlled in real time by the actuator. The system composition can be adjusted according to the user's requirements to realize various functions. This series of hopper scales has high measurement accuracy and stable and reliable operation, and is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical industry, building materials, ceramics, grain depots, docks and other industries. It is a new type of modern and ideal intelligent equipment.principle of operation

Electronic hopper scale is divided into two ways: single hopper weighing and double hopper weighing. Single-bucket weighing means that materials directly enter the weighing hopper through the feeding device, and the weighing sensor outputs a weight signal to the control display instrument. When the feeding device stops feeding or the weight of materials in the weighing hopper reaches the set value of the instrument, the instrument displays and records the weight and accumulated value of each material. Double-bucket weighing means that a storage hopper is added to the upper part of the single-bucket weighing hopper, and the feeding device supplies materials to the storage hopper. The storage hopper is equipped with a feeding gate, which can feed the weighing hopper according to the process requirements. Compared with single-bucket weighing, in the process of double-bucket weighing, the feeding device can run continuously, and the accuracy of weighing can be ensured better.

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