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Filling scale

The liquid filling scale can be used in various containers, iron drums or plastic drums approved by the trade to accurately and quantitatively fill between 10kg and 3000kg. At the same time, the system can be used in humid, dangerous or other adverse environments. Liquid filling scale is an automatic quantitative measuring device, whose function is to automatically divide a large number of bulk liquid materials into small loads of predetermined weight for quantitative container packaging. The liquid filling scale has a high degree of automation, which can avoid material overflow as much as possible and prevent the material itself from polluting the environment to the maximum extent, thus providing effective labor protection for operators. The liquid filling system is stable and reliable, easy to operate, accurate to weigh, and the weight data can be output to the computer and other external equipment through the instrument.

The liquid filling system is a special scale used for automatic weighing and packaging of liquid materials in chemical, grain, and other industries. It is mainly composed of spray gun device, controller, full electronic weighing table, conveying roller table, and mechanical structural parts. The product is compact and reasonable in structure, easy to install, and can be adjusted according to various production sites and production capacity to meet the needs of users. The system adopts the filling under the liquid level. The operator simply aims the barrel mouth at the gun body, and presses the "Start" button to finish the peeling of the empty barrel through PLC intelligent control, and then accurately fills the barrel at two speeds to ensure the filling accuracy. After filling, the spray gun will automatically reset and the full barrel can be removed.

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