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Electronic Rail Scales


Electronic track scale

GCU-WT continuous rail dynamic electronic track scale

Main technical performance of equipment:

1. Detection range: standard gauge four-axle freight cars with a section weight less than 100t, up to 200t; 2. Detection method: bidirectional full-automatic bogie metering;

3. Detection speed: the measuring speed of the track scale is 3~35km/h; No speed limit when not measuring;

4. Total weight detection accuracy: better than the tolerance specified in JJG234-90 Verification Regulation of Dynamic Weighing Track Scale;

5. Sensitivity: add or subtract 20kg weight, with a change of no less than 10kg;

6. System self-test: zero point automatic tracking;

7. Allowable overload: 250% of rated load;

8. Ambient temperature: - 45 ℃ -+65 ℃ (outdoor equipment), - 20 ℃ -+40 ℃ (indoor equipment);

9. Output mode: CRT displays and prints the serial number, train number, cargo name, vehicle speed, gross weight, tare weight, net weight, ticket weight, profit and loss, cumulative, date, operator, and has the functions of tabulation and storage, query, statistics, etc. It can perform data storage, stage statistics, overload vehicle alarm and printing, and the data storage function, with a storage period of more than one year;

10. Full Chinese character system display, menu prompt, simple and convenient operation;

11. The interface with automatic train number identification system and TMIS system shall be reserved, but not including hardware equipment;

12. Power consumption: the power consumption of the whole machine is not more than 500VA;

13. Applicable rail type: 43kg/m; 50kg/m; 60kg/m;

14. The secondary lightning protection measures are adopted, and the performance is superior to CCITT standard.

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