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Export Electronic Truck Scale


Export electronic truck scale

Main purpose: The modular modular electronic truck scale platform adopts the frame structure welded by profile steel, with high overall rigidity and strong torsional resistance. It is combined with high-precision bridge type weighing sensor and weighing display instrument with superior performance, rich functions and diverse interfaces to form the weighing system. It is characterized by high accuracy, good reliability, high intelligence, strong adaptability and convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance. It can be widely used in various industries of national economic construction to weigh and measure bulk goods.


★ Digital display of gross weight, net weight and tare weight;

★ Dynamic, under-load and overweight status display;

★ Digital filtering and automatic tracking of empty scale;

★ Combined type: the scale body is spliced by the scale platform module and the connecting beam;

★ The weighing platform module is simple and convenient for container transportation;

★ Strong bearing capacity and compact structure;

★ High production efficiency, which can realize mass production;

★ It is convenient for container transportation.

Technical indicators

★ Accuracy: accuracy level III in OIML R76;

★ Working voltage: AC 220 (- 33~+22V); 50±1 Hz;

★ Relative humidity: 20%~90% RH;

★ Working temperature: - 30~70 ℃.

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