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Analogue Electronic Truck Scale


Analog electronic truck scale

The electronic truck scale is widely used in ports, warehouses, factories and freight yards. Its superior performance and long-term stability and reliability not only improve the efficiency of import and export material trade settlement of industrial and mining enterprises, but also can be deeply applied to the monitoring of production process and the comprehensive data system management of enterprises to meet the requirements of modern weighing management.

Main performance:

△ Adopt engineering ABS plastic shell, more durable.

△ 6-bit 0.8-inch ultra-bright LED display

△ It can display the millivolt signal of the sensor to facilitate the detection and monitoring of the sensor.

△ Level 1~4 digital filtering combined with T3.0 stability program makes weighing fast and stable.

△ With sensor long line compensation function, the sensor bus can be longer.

△ A/D conversion consistency is good, replacement of instruments can be done without re-calibration.

△ The range setting adopts password locking combined with overload monitoring query to prevent users from overload weighing.

△ It is possible to set the automatic switching display of the 3-segment indexing value.

△ Perpetual calendar clock, automatic timing, not interrupted by the sound of the movie

△ Large-capacity memory can store up to 1521 sets of weighing records.

△ It has three-stage timing shutdown function.

△ RS-232C, 20mA current loop and RS-485 (optional) serial communication interface

△ 1200/2400/4800/9600 baud rate optional

△ Standard parallel printer interface, which can be connected with various pin printers

△ AC and DC dual-purpose, can be connected to 6V battery for power supply.

Technical parameters:

△ Input signal range: - 10~+35mV

△ A/D conversion: 24-bit Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital conversion

△ A/D sampling frequency: 38.400kHz

△ Nonlinear: ≤ 0.0015% F.S

△ Gain error drift: 1ppm/℃

△ Minimum resolution: 0.1 μ V/d

△ Display graduation: ≤ 50000

△ Bridge supply voltage: DC5V/350mA (32 700 Ω sensors can be connected)

△ Working temperature: - 10~+40 ℃

△ Storage temperature: - 40~+85 ℃

△ Relative humidity: ≤ 90% R.H

△ AC and DC power supply: AC187-242V, 49-51Hz or DC6V battery

△ Power consumption: 15W

△ Overall dimension: 310 × two hundred and thirty × 170mm

△ Weight: 2.2kg


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